Street Festivals, Capitol visits, and 100 miles bike rides

After recovering from a sudden stomach bug last week and being stuck in my apartment for two days, I was absolutely stir crazy. Luckily there was a ton going on this weekend around the city so my boyfriend and I decided to walk around and do some exploring. We hunted down two street festivals, made a quick detour to the state Capitol, and got to meet our awesome friends at the finish line of the Livestrong 100 mile challenge.

We sought out the Mediterranean festival, which I was really excited about but ended up being very let down. It ended up being just a few food vendors in a church parking lot- not so exciting. Since that was a bust, we walked back over to the Viva la Vida festival which is basically an early Day of the Dead (or Dia de los Muertos) celebration. This one was really awesome- tons of amazing art pieces, a few food vendors, face painting, and lots of local artists. There was also a big parade which we ended up missing but I am sure was equally as amazing.

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While frolicking through the city we decided to stop at the Capitol since I had not been yet. It was…. not my cup of tea but something I needed to see. What can I say, I am an artsy kind of person. History and politics are extremely boring to me but for some reason I psyched myself up to think it would be cool to see. It was really beautiful to take photos outside of so we got some great photo ops out of it and that was good enough for me. I could see myself enjoying a nice lunch on the lawn one afternoon.

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Some good friends biked 100 miles for the Livestrong challenge to raise money for cancer. We downloaded a livestrong app and were able to track them the whole way, which was really amazing and such an awesome invention. It was crazy to see just how far 100 miles was and to watch their progress throughout the day. Being the proud friends we are, my boyfriend and I bought mimosa supplies, made some signs and camped out at the finish line to congratulate them on such a huge accomplishment.

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Absolutely loving these beautiful Autumn days in Austin!





Texas sunsets and the view of this city are undoubtedly a few of my favorite things. The nights when I am lucky enough to experience both, I truly feel like everything is right in my life and I am finally exactly where I am supposed to be.

It is a beautiful thing to be so in love with your everyday surroundings.

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower.

One of the greatest perks of my job is that I get to do a lot of traveling. I manage a territory of ten states, leaving me a lot of ground to cover and parts of the country to see.

A few weeks ago I spent a week in West Texas. Although I was extremely busy with work, I did have a bit of free time to explore the wild wonders of the west.

Shortly after leaving Austin I was regretting the 1,500 miles I had scheduled for myself to cover in one week…

While driving my initial 8+ hours west (never making that mistake again) I found myself driving through the wind farms of West Texas- which took me an hour or more to drive through at 70+MPH!!

It was one of the most unexpected yet beautiful experiences. The images cannot do any sort of justice to what it is like driving through this, absolutely stunning.

One of the really amazing places I did get to take some “me” time and visit was Cadillac Ranch. When it was described to me by a local in the area I was less than interested but, I had some free time and thought “YOLO”.

Cadillac Ranch was such a rad place to check out. Because my customers are locals of the area, they had tons of awesome stories (or possibly myths) to tell me about the artist whom created Cadillac Ranch; and I do love hearing some good ol’ small-town gossip.

My job is taking my to some very unexpected, amazing places that I am not sure my life would’ve ever taken me.

I am lucky enough to be able to travel for work, I urge those who are not to get out at every opportunity you have and see what you can. There are some completely amazing sights to see out there that you probably do not even know exist.

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page” -unknown


The 24th Year

A few weeks ago I celebrated my first birthday in Austin, it is officially my 24th year. I have never been the type of person who thinks much of age. I have actually absolutely loved growing up, with each passing year more wisdom is bequeathed upon me and it seems life gets more and more delightful. I think the wisdom I gain in each passing year allows me to live my life more fully and continues to humble me.

With all that being said, I am now reading “you know you are almost 30 when…” blog posts and the worst part is, I can relate to them!

For my birthday I ate some delicious food from the best Sushi restaurant I have ever experienced in my life (paired with some delicious champagne, of course) at Uchiko

Saw some new Austin sights…

And spent time with some old and new friends..

I am not usually one that is much for birthday,s but the year 23 was a big one for me. In the past year I have (officially) graduated college, moved halfway across the country (on my own), started a new job (two days after I took my last final ever), my parents got separated and soon-to-be divorced, one of my brothers got married, I was a maid-of-honor for the first time, I sold almost everything I owned and had someone adopt my rabbit (who was the love of my life), and my entire life was basically flipped upside-down.

It was a whirlwind year and I finally feel like I can take a deep breath, relax, and fully enjoy the new life i am in the progress of building for myself. So, turning 24 had much more sentimental value to it than any birthday of my past because I feel as though I am turning a new leaf and writing the next chapter of my life- a chapter that is 100% mine and is going to be whatever I make it.

Welcome to my life as an Austinite!