Texas sunsets and the view of this city are undoubtedly a few of my favorite things. The nights when I am lucky enough to experience both, I truly feel like everything is right in my life and I am finally exactly where I am supposed to be.

It is a beautiful thing to be so in love with your everyday surroundings.

Sound and Cinema

This week I finally got to attend one of Austin’s awesome summer events called Sound and Cinema. I have been wanting to attend Sound and Cinema all summer but did not make it until this week. As I am still new to Austin, I am so easily amazed by all the awesome events that take place around the city FOR FREE!!

Sound and Cinema is a really unique summer series that takes place at the Long Center and it is actually turning into a Fall series this year also! A large screen is set up in the massive Long Center lawn with a backdrop of the most gorgeous city ever. First a live band plays and then a movie is featured following the band. There are food trucks, booze, and just an all around awesome time.

This week Chali 2na from Jurassic 5 performed and Jurassic Park was the featured movie. Chali 2na also painted the awesome dino featured below while the movie was playing to be auctioned off. Do i even need to continue? It was awesome and did i mention FREE??!


The 24th Year

A few weeks ago I celebrated my first birthday in Austin, it is officially my 24th year. I have never been the type of person who thinks much of age. I have actually absolutely loved growing up, with each passing year more wisdom is bequeathed upon me and it seems life gets more and more delightful. I think the wisdom I gain in each passing year allows me to live my life more fully and continues to humble me.

With all that being said, I am now reading “you know you are almost 30 when…” blog posts and the worst part is, I can relate to them!

For my birthday I ate some delicious food from the best Sushi restaurant I have ever experienced in my life (paired with some delicious champagne, of course) at Uchiko

Saw some new Austin sights…

And spent time with some old and new friends..

I am not usually one that is much for birthday,s but the year 23 was a big one for me. In the past year I have (officially) graduated college, moved halfway across the country (on my own), started a new job (two days after I took my last final ever), my parents got separated and soon-to-be divorced, one of my brothers got married, I was a maid-of-honor for the first time, I sold almost everything I owned and had someone adopt my rabbit (who was the love of my life), and my entire life was basically flipped upside-down.

It was a whirlwind year and I finally feel like I can take a deep breath, relax, and fully enjoy the new life i am in the progress of building for myself. So, turning 24 had much more sentimental value to it than any birthday of my past because I feel as though I am turning a new leaf and writing the next chapter of my life- a chapter that is 100% mine and is going to be whatever I make it.

Welcome to my life as an Austinite!