Monday Moodboard.

A compilation of my inspiration for the week.

A Monday necessity.



These are a few of my favorite things!

1. Vaseline. I carry a tiny travel tub in my purse to always keep my lips hydrated and glossy. I have tried every gloss and chap stick under the sun; nothing can compare. For a hint of color you can even blend some of your favorite lip stick with the Vaseline for a tinted glossy look.



2. bareMinerals Original SPF 15 Foundation. What I love the most is how versatile this foundation is. You can tailor the coverage by using different brushes and application techniques. It even doubles as a concealer! Super lightweight, you will not even know you are wearing makeup. It comes in Matte, which is recommended for very oily skin, and Original, which has a very slight shine to it, due to the minerals used in the foundation. Visit a bareMinerals store or makeup counter to have your color professionally matched.




3. MAC Fluidline Eyeliner. A friend of mine turned me on to this eyeliner a few years ago and it has changed my life.  The liner is applied with a brush and goes on extremely smoothly. Ready for the best part?? It is long-wearing AND smudge-proof. This liner is not going anywhere once it is on. It is perfect for a dramatic eye but can also be smudged on for a less dramatic look. For $16 this little pot will last you forever! If you are not already using this product, you are doing it all wrong!


It’s the MOST wonderful time of the year

It is NYFW y’all!!!

Yesterday I was texting my boyfriend about NYFW and his response was “New Years Fort Worth?”. At this very moment i was overcome with the realization that i am no longer on the East Coast and i am dating a true Texan. Thank you, New York Fashion Week for bringing me these realizations.

But people…. the most splendid, beautiful, fabulous week of the entire year is upon us and i literally cannot get enough!!!!

Here are a few of my favorite looks and shows thus far..

*Click through links will also take you to designers websites where you can stream shows, Hint hint! 😉

Cynthia Rowley


Christian Siriano

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Tory Burch


The Row.

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Donna Karan


Carolina Herrera

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Mara Hoffman

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Kate Spade


Jason Wu




Rebecca Minkoff





I would also like to take a moment to talk about the amazing things J Crew has been doing lately. I was blown away by their Fall 2013 line. They totally stepped up their game and are pouring out some freaking outstanding pieces. J Crew continued to blow me away with their Spring 2014 looks. The cuts, prints, and outfit pairings are outstanding and truly taking J Crew next level. Welcome to fashion week J Crew, you have officially arrived!




Texas sunsets and the view of this city are undoubtedly a few of my favorite things. The nights when I am lucky enough to experience both, I truly feel like everything is right in my life and I am finally exactly where I am supposed to be.

It is a beautiful thing to be so in love with your everyday surroundings.